ADVERTISING: Hublot’s First Middle East & Africa Advertising Campaign

Art Director: Jean Ghalo | Photographers: Jean Ghalo, Joseph Bassil | Creative Director: Nadine Hamawi | Co-Producer: Rami Halawi, Rochelle Escobar | Assistant Producer: Marc Ghalo | Stylist: Tanya K | Hair: Atoosa Baghiat | Makeup: Samira Olfat | Behind The Scenes Camera: Odile Rahme | Logistics: Blink Productions Oman | Production: Jean Ghalo & Friends

When a brand prides itself on being “First, Different and Unique”, we can’t but adhere to those characteristics when working on a project for it. And when Hublot decided to hold its first-ever Middle East and Africa advertising campaign, we made sure it was the first international luxury brand to hold a local campaign, fully organized and produced by a Middle Eastern team, shot in the area and featuring a face from the region. In collaboration with Hublot Regional Director for Middle East & Africa Marco Tedeschi, we embarked on a long weekend in the hills of Oman that offered an ideal neutral Middle Eastern context for the campaign.


  • Middle East & Africa advertising campaign
  • Feature Hublot ladies watches
  • Use human element through a recognizable female face
  • Middle East environment
  • Be First, Different and Unique
  • Capitalize on Hublot’s Art of Fusion DNA
  • Full concept creation, organization, shoot and production


  • Conceptualize 3 looks
  • Create images for advertising campaign
  • Generate content for Social Media use
  • Highlight the Hublot lady style
  • Convey a Middle Eastern feel while linking past to future
  • Create a link between tradition and innovation


  • 3 Looks, 2 versions each – Full pages and DPS
  • Images for Social Media
  • Behind The Scenes video promos and Social Media edits