CONTENT: MontBlancM Project MEA

Producer & Director of Photography: Jean Ghalo | Co-Producer: Tanya K. | Assistant Producers: Rochelle Escobar, Marc Ghalo | Editor: Eliane Mallat | Cinematographers: Thomas Richardson, Nick Langmead | Photography: Jean Ghalo, Joseph Bassil | Sound: Tim Carnie | Behind the Scenes: Ralph, Joseph | Runners: Clevan Ricablanca, Jonathan Ramos

Montblanc has now officially launched the Montblanc M writing instrument, created by Marc Newson. To promote the launch, HQ came up with an Instagram campaign that we took inspiration from for a campaign to implement in our market.


  • Use the Montblanc International Instagram campaign concept
  • Commission 1 artist in each of the 6 GCC countries
  • Each artist creates an artwork representing their country’s famous landmark through calligraphy
  • Using Montblanc M: smaller sketches
  • Using standard calligraphy pens: final display artwork (A1)
  • Audition to select the artists with the Montblanc management and PR agency teams


  • Create campaign material
  • Highlight the writing instruments
  • Generate content to enrich the PR story around the campaign and artists
  • Supply imagery for a booklet incorporating the full campaign
  • Leverage the artworks and collaboration with artists through in-store activations in the boutiques


  • PR portrait photos for all candidates
  • Images of artworks
  • Product shots
  • Campaign videos: individual + campaign overview + promos
  • Behind The Scenes video of the project
Behind The Scenes Video: