[ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”photo-camera” headline=”Photography” width=”half” last=”false”] We capture moments through a camera lens. While some might debate that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, we simply think the greater things in life are immortalized in imagery. Smile!
 [/ut_service_box] [ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”photo-film” headline=”Short Film Productions” width=”half” last=”true”] Bringing ideas to life, we specialize in short film production, from concept and story board to location scouting, crewing, production and post-production. It’s a wrap!
 [/ut_service_box] [ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”photo-pencil” headline=”Content creation” width=”half” last=”false”] Content is key; our experts study each brand’s identity to create suitable graphic, written or video content that will ensure your goals are met in an optimized manner. Let’s talk!
 [/ut_service_box] [ut_service_box color=”#ffffff” background=”#ffffff” opacity=”0.2″ icon=”photo-bullhorn” headline=”Content syndication” width=”half” last=”true”] We help brands set and implement content syndication strategies by introducing them to relevant third parties and pushing their content in the right way, where it matters. Let’s go!