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Jean Ghalo & Friends are devoted to the passion of photography and videography in order to capture it all for you.


We capture moments through a camera lens. While some might debate that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, we simply think the greater things in life are immortalized in imagery. Smile!

Short Film Productions

Bringing ideas to life, we specialize in short film production/campaigns, from concept and story board to location scouting, crewing, production and post-production. It’s a wrap!

Content Creation

Content is key; our experts study each brand’s identity to create suitable imagery, still and/or motion content that will ensure your campaigns are met in an optimized manner.

Content Syndication

We help brands set and implement content syndication strategies by introducing them to relevant third parties and pushing their content in the right way, where it matters. Let’s go!

Our Passion

We believe in offering quality images
to portray our clients’ brand image.

My Passion is my Work,
my Work is my Life

-Jean Ghalo


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Being recognised internationally and endorsed by multinational brands and executives, the Jean Ghalo & Friends team, located in 4 strategic destinations from Dubai to Los Angeles, captures moments around the world.

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