Jean Ghalo & Friends

“Jean Ghalo & Friends” is the production house 2.0, called Imagery Lab. While we believe in consultancy, we also recognize that the creative world hinges on talent and passions. Our cosmopolitan team is formed of passionate people who love the world of imagery (photographers and cinematographers) and the great things in life.

Our Imagery Lab offers you professional digital photography, videography and post production.

We produce documentaries, social media content, corporate content, events, photoshoots and more.

Our talents are vertically and horizontally divided on the nature of our passions- still or motion imagery, and the things we love to capture most from sports, automotive, travel, luxury, products, events, and photo shoots.

Jean Ghalo is known as the man who truly captures moments through his lens. His love for people, events and the finer things in life developed his passion for capturing these beautiful moments.

In an era of imagery where brands are looking to be differentiated with unique content, we are present to create the right setup, to mix their products with other related ones, and to put a context which communicates the beauty of the product/brand with its right values and positioning to the precise target audience.

Working with local and multinational, catering to local and international clients, whether in Europe, the GCC, the Levant or Northern America, has gifted us the confidence and credibility to be hired by all these top brands, where imagery and brand image comes first.

Our clients vary from a wide slew of sectors in accordance with our eccentric team and our different passions. Hermès, Hublot, Richemont, Panerai, IWC, HYT, MB&F, Casa del Habanos, Davidoff Geneva, Gerard Pere et Fils, Crystal Group, Harley-Davidson, Peugeot, BMW, MCM, La Perla, Lancel, Vogue Fashion, Faces, Kempinski, Fairmont, Dunhill, Ferrari, Atkinsons, John Lobb, Corthay, S.T. Dupont, Bell & Ross, RedBull, Diageo and the list keeps growing…

What We Do

Advertising Campaign

F1, Dubai Tennis, Dubai World Cup and most of the artists, living legends and celebrities who visited the Middle East in the past 2 decades.

Editorial Shoots

Photoshoots are where our physicians get into life and have some action going in the LAB. We take shots from a different perspective: we look at the product, formulate how it can be mixed with other related products and brands, put it together and we come out with what is called imagery for today’s world. These photo shoots are crossing paths with social web interactivity, as they speak to followers and are highly interactive, as well used in traditional formats such as print magazines. Alongside to our creative photo shoots, we conduct product and display shoots.

Heaven without people is not fun, and for Jean Ghalo, energy is given by being surrounded with nice people. Capturing People and VIP portraits is one of the categories that are done with high passion. For the past decades, top personalities ranging from rulers, chairmen and CEOs, to top-tier executives, celebrities and other VIPs were captured by our lenses.

Content Creation

Sports and Automotive

Sports occupies a favorite part of Jean Ghalo: speed, adrenaline rush, competition and all what sports can offer… The creation of a certain energy to stand behind the camera, live the sport event and capture its motion whether it be the roaring sounds of an F1 car, the thrill of being in a carting race, a tough game between Federrer and Djokovic, or sometimes enjoying a lifestyle at a Polo game or at the finish line of the most expensive horse race cup in the world.




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