DOP: Jean Ghalo  |  Photographers: Jean Ghalo, Joseph Bassil  |  Executive Producer: Marco Tedeschi, HUBLOT  |  Co-Art Director: Jean Ghalo, Marco Tedeschi  |  Co-Producer: Fadi Sibai, Rochelle Escobar  |  Assistant Producer: Marc Ghalo  |  Lighting: Adàm Földi  |  Lighting Assistants: Albert Máté, Tamás Kovács  |  Co-Stylist: Tanya K, Judit Kaposi  |  Hair: Kaszon Hortobági  |  Makeup: Richárd Fazekas  |  Behind The Scenes Camera: Csaba Szentgáli, Péter Rogosz, Robert Kiss  |  Video Editor: Eliane Mallat  |  Location Manager: Szilvia Szlavitsek  |  Logistics: Budapest Events  |  Special Thanks to Hungarian Opera House and Backstage Production  |  Production: Jean Ghalo & Friends

Behind the Scenes

The closer you work with a brand, the better you get to know it and the harder the job becomes when it comes to avoid being repetitive. When Hublot gave me the brief for their 2017 Middle East campaign, I didn’t know what we were doing at first, except that it would be shot outside the Middle East, which was my first gut reaction on this project. After many months of thinking, Budapest was decided as the location for the shoot when I discussed it with Marco Tedeschi, Regional Director Hublot Middle East & Africa, whom I was happy to invite to co-art direct the campaign with me. We were excited about it and we said: East and West, past and future, tradition and innovation, that’s it! Ragheb in Budapest on the historical bridge and in the famous Opera House, spot on!. We flew there in September and we rolled.


  • Middle East & Africa advertising campaign
  • Feature Hublot Art of Fusion with regional celebrity
  • Use the human element through Friend of the Brand, Arab Superstar Ragheb Alama
  • Middle East environment
  • Be First, Different and Unique
  • Capitalize on Hublot’s Art of Fusion DNA
  • Full concept creation, organization, shoot and production


  • Conceptualize 3 looks
  • Create images for advertising campaign for 2 looks
  • Generate content for Social Media through 3 looks
  • Highlight the Hublot style
  • Convey a Middle Eastern feel while linking past to future
  • Create a link between tradition and innovation


  • 2 Looks, 1 versions each – Full pages and DPS
  • Images for Social Media including the 3rd concept
  • Behind The Scenes video promos and Social Media edits