Photographer: Hikmat Wehbe  |  Producer: Tanya Kassab  |  Art Director & Stylist: Ghina  |  Co-Stylist: Tanya Kassab
Hair & Make-Up: Ricci Capricci  |  Production: Jean Ghalo & Friends

When Snob magazine decided to produce a special shoot for Cadillac, the request was to communicate around the lifestyle aspect of the car in city. Our team suggested revisiting  the 50s, in a modern Dubai environment. Using natural green areas of one of the city’s remote communities as the location, and in collaboration with famous Lebanese model Lamita Frangieh, we included Omega watches and outfits from Etoile La Boutique to convey a luxurious lifestyle.


  • Editorial photoshoot for print magazine
  • Feature the car
  • Use a “live” element
  • Setting in Dubai


  • Highlight Cadillac’s latest car
  • Convey the Dubai lifestyle with a human element
  • Tell a story


  • Editorial images
  • 5 Looks spread over 7 pages