Photography: Jean Ghalo  |  Stylist: Tanya Kassab  |  Production: Jean Ghalo & Friends

Snob magazine organized a shoot for Chopard and worked with us for full concept and production. The challenge was to place a modern-looking perfume bottle in a feminine, modern environment, mixing it with jewellery and other accessories from the brand, while keeping the fragrance in focus. Our concept was a bedroom vanity theme with a still life shoot. It was produced in a villa in Dubai.


  • Editorial photoshoot for print magazine
  • Feature the fragrance, with some jewellery and accessories
  • Setting in Dubai


  • Present Amira d’Amour perfume
  • Convey a lady’s lifestyle targeting female readers
  • Tell a story: a close look at a woman’s vanity and bedroom


  • Editorial images
  • 4 Looks spread over 6 pages